My work connects the innumerable layers of exploitation that resulted from centuries of colonialism and the implications that are still felt presently. I focus primarily on island nations in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, which are extensions of my own ancestral legacy and familial narrative. I am particularly interested in labor and how materials, locations, and cultural processes can be combined to illuminate the often erased stories of people who were treated as currency within colonial workforces. More importantly, I seek to amplify the acts, ideologies, and practices that survived despite the fragmentation of history that occurred throughout the Transatlantic Slave Trade and present-day forced migration. I make work that incorporates materials that are representative of these cultures and/or signify broader themes of labor and geographic movement. Often ephemeral in nature, my work regularly incorporates themes related to the reclamation of feminine power, dark humor, and the distortion of seduction and beauty as vehicles for cultural criticism and the rejection of a whitewashed history.